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Ruijs Travel - Cruise package- Shore excursions Passau.2

Collect even more memorable travel experiences with pre and post tour or cruise packages. Arrive early, get used to any time differences and start your cruise or tour completely relaxed. Stay a little longer and hold on to that holiday feeling and savour the moment. 

Our pre and post cruise and tour programs allow groups to explore vibrant cities such as Prague, Budapest and Amsterdam. Featuring visits to iconic landmarks, cultural and architectural highlights and leaving plenty of leisurely time to discover a city on your own.

Sample itineraries

13 Ruijs Travel Hungary - Budapest - Castle Hill

Pré-tour and Pré-cruise package Budapest

Ruijs Travel Hungary - Budapest - Chain Bridge

Post-tour and Post-cruise package Budapest

Ruijs Travel - Czech Republic - Prague

Pré-cruise package Prague – embarkation in Passau, Germany

Ruijs Travel - Cruise package - Shore excursions Prague

Post-Cruise package Prague – disembarkation in Passau, Germany

Ruijs Travel Czechia - Prague - Castle

Pré-tour and Pré-cruise package Prague

Ruijs Travel - Cruise package - Shore excursions Prague

Post-tour and Post-cruise package Prague